Chips of Fury Blog

This place is a devlog of sorts. We will post updates about the app, and other things that we find interesting.

Mar 15, 2024 #devlog
Dart streaming pattern with stream splitting

Feb 2, 2024 #player-experience
Some graphs on randomization of cards in Poker

Jan 24, 2024 #devlog
Considering hand writing the authentication code 😱

Jan 23, 2024 #devlog
Can we go all in on Passkey based authentication?

Jan 22, 2024 #devlog
What a mess it is to automate Flutter app builds

Dec 12, 2023
Running game servers on - Our flight so far

Nov 16, 2023 #feature-spotlight
Poker Chips - Flexible distribution and management

Nov 3, 2023
Hello World, we're running on 11ty now