Poker Chips - Flexible distribution and management

by Animesh - Nov 16, 2023

Chips of Fury offers unlimited chips, and a few simple settings to manage chip distribution.

Option 1 - players get chips automatically

This is a great option for games in trusted groups, where typically the settlement will be done after the game has been played. Players trust each other to make these settlements.

While creating the game, the admin can set self loading wallet option to enabled.

When enabled, players can join the table with any buy-in amount. The computer will credit the required chips to their wallet automatically to complete the buy-in.

This option frees up the admin from having to manage chip distribution.

Option 2 - players get a fixed number of chips on joining the game

This is good for tournament style games where each player would get a fixed number of chips to start with. Here's what the setting looks like, and how the player join request will appear for the admin.

If the admin wants to accept the player into the game, but not give them chips, they can unselect the checkbox before accepting their join request.

Option 3 - admin manually credits chips to players

This option is always available to the admin. Admin can add, as well as deduct chips from a player's wallet.

If option 1 and option 2 are disabled, then admin will have to manually give chips to each player.

With these options, most use-cases seem to get covered. If you have a different use-case, or a better idea on how to manage chips, we'd love to hear from you.

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