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Unlimited Chips

Packed with Features!

Game config screenshot for virtual poker

Game config - virtual poker

Clean Table interface

Table screenshot

Chips of Fury (CoF) is tailor-made for playing private games with your friends and family

You can play virtually, with variations such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha 5. You can also play using just "Virtual Poker Chips" and your own deck of cards.

  • Flexible chip distribution options
  • Configurable Action Time (Turn Timer)
  • Blind Timers (Adaptive / Structured Blinds)
  • Admin Pause / Resume
  • Unique "chips only" mode
  • Visualize Statistics
  • Custom display settings
  • Dealer's Choice Style of play

Unlimited chips, Flexible chip management

Option to give 'x' chips by default to all players on joining game

Automatically credit chips setting screenshot

Automatically load wallet on buy-in for trusted groups

self loading wallet screenshot

Admin can give or take chips from any player

Admin add deduct chips screenshot

Unique "Chips only" mode

bring your own deck of cards

Gameplay screenshot for chips only mode

chips only mode gameplay
  • Play with custom denominations
  • Choose between Poker mode, or Free Style

    Free style mode is great for non poker games!

  • Admin can UNDO turns played by mistake

Chips Settlement by admin

chips only mode manual settlement
  • Automatic side pot calculation
  • Split pot settlement for Hi-lo variations

Customize your screen layout and deck theme

Choose your preferred screen layout

choose your preferred screen layouts

Screen layouts to suit your game

Choose screen layouts which show you game logs / chat, or use the full screen to show the table.

We even have a layout which lets you play "in real life" with phones lying face up on the table. The hole cards are big and turned face down by default. You can peek at them by tapping on them to prevent exposing your cards.

Player options menu

player menu screenshot

Choose your deck colors

deck theme selection screenshot

Users Say...

Amazing app! Back in the days it was an app I used whenever I had no chips with me... Now I can actually play poker with my friends from all over the world! UI was a bit confusing in the beginning, but you will get used to it. LOVE IT!
Pratik Chaudhary
It's an amazing app. All I wanted from a virtual poker app.
Ryan Freeman
Super easy to use. The poker mode is great, and saved me having to explain what the options in a betting round are to my friends that have never played poker. Would like to see a mode for black Jack implemented.
Nandakumar K S
Exactly what is needed for playing poker without poker chips. Also has the option to play poker virtually, or make it suit for other gambling games. Well designed UX and game controls. Kudos to the developer. Have been a user for long time and been seeing the changes over time, great work.