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Simple, Fast , Clutter Free (and Free)

Chips of Fury (CoF) is meticulously designed for private games with friends and family

  • No Login
  • Unlimited Chips
  • Virtual Chips Mode
  • Variations
    Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha 5


Just the right features

for your home games

  • Change up game variations on any hand!
    Texas Hold'em, Omaha or Omaha 5
  • Frictionless chat for friendly banter
  • Play fast or slow
    Players control the pace


♠ Dealer's Choice Style of play

Home games are free flowing. The game may start as Texas Hold'em, but then during the game players might switch to playing some other variation like Omaha. CoF supports exactly that kind of gameplay 🔄. If Dealer's Choice is enabled by the admin, then before the hand is dealt, the dealer gets the option to change the game variation. Currently, we support Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha 5 variations in online poker mode. More variations are coming soon!

♠ Seamless in-app chat

Game talk is probably the most fun part of games with friends. CoF has the smoothest in-app chat you will find across all Poker Apps. So go ahead and engage in full on banter. Provoke or tease your friends with emojis 😎 , or express your joy 🤑 (or disgust 😵 ) on winning or losing hands!

♠ No Clock - The speed of the game is not artificially enforced

In home games, it is rare that players will play with a clock ⏰. It is often an implicit understanding that a turn must be played within a certain time limit and players respect that. Sometimes, when a lot of chatter is happening, the pace of the game is slower, whereas sometimes when everyone is focussed, hands get played in a jiffy. Players can choose to play fast or slow. It is great for teaching newbies how to play as well. They can take their time to understand how poker rules work and graduate to being a regular part of your group in no time. There are of course admin controls, in case a player becomes unresponsive - the admin can force them to sit out or kick them out of the room.

Unique "Chips Only" Mode

  • Use your own cards
  • Play your own crazy game variations


♠ A unique "chips only" mode.

This is amazing for when you want to play offline and don't have a poker chipset, or don't have enough chips in your set. The virtual chips have customizable denominations and are unlimited in number. So no matter how many chips you need, these never run out. Pot settlement is also a breeze 🧮. It even takes care of calculating Side Pots. Hi-Lo style of settlements can also be done with just a few clicks.

♠ Play non-poker games using the Free Style mode

Usage of Free Style virtual chips is not limited to offline games. Online games can also be played using third party virtual cards. Chips of Fury acts as a great companion app for the chips and betting. Many games such as Teen Patti, Flash, Seven Twenty-seven, Stud Poker, Guts, Draw Poker etc. work seamlessly.

Users Say...

Amazing app! Back in the days it was an app I used whenever I had no chips with me... Now I can actually play poker with my friends from all over the world! UI was a bit confusing in the beginning, but you will get used to it. LOVE IT!
Pratik Chaudhary
It's an amazing app. All I wanted from a virtual poker app.
Ryan Freeman
Super easy to use. The poker mode is great, and saved me having to explain what the options in a betting round are to my friends that have never played poker. Would like to see a mode for black Jack implemented.
Nandakumar K S
Exactly what is needed for playing poker without poker chips. Also has the option to play poker virtually, or make it suit for other gambling games. Well designed UX and game controls. Kudos to the developer. Have been a user for long time and been seeing the changes over time, great work.