Android APK Releases - Chips of Fury

You can directly download the Android APK if you do not have access to Google Play Store on your device. Some important notes:

  • You will need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.

    Android will most likely prompt you for that.
  • You will not receive automatic updates.


Jul 15, 2024

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๐Ÿช› Hot Fixes since 8.0.0

  • Using a better sound library for clearer in-game sounds
  • Player name in chat was not showing up if a game log separated the chat messages
  • Minor pLayer widget formatting and layout issues
  • Teased card would close again if player leaves to the game code page and returns
  • Win animations speed and comment label
  • Crash in chips only mode in raise dialog

๐ŸŽ‰ New

  • Run it Twice / Thrice!


Jun 2, 2024

๐ŸŽ‰ Fixes

  • Improved connection handling in patchy networks
  • Fix: Game configuration changes were not saving while a hand was in progress
  • Fix: Game variations were not switching in dealer's choice


May 30, 2024

๐ŸŽ‰ New

  • Cash Top-up
    • You can now add chips to your stack during a game
    • Click top-up from the table menu, and your chips will be added to your stack after the end of the current hand


May 25, 2024

๐Ÿช› Hot fixes since 7.0.0

  • Fixes a crash happening on very large bets
  • Improved logging in crash reporting
  • Fixes a crash caused by the rabbit hunting dialog that shows up first time (when it triggers a card tease)
  • Fixes a crash happening on the game table, especially in laggy networks
  • Fixes a major crash happening on the game table in certain scenarios
  • Added automatic crash reporting to catch bugs early
  • Fixed a UI crash being caused in a certain situation with pre-check/fold
  • Bringing back the old chip change UI (bank) as many users pointed out its usefulness
  • Fixed a chip denomination bug which was not letting deselect the denomination of 5
  • Vibration / Sound setting bug fix. Went unnoticed for a long time!
  • Game config preset was causing problems when the saved name was numeric
  • Rabbit hunting bug fix
  • Turn timer bug in chips only mode

๐ŸŽ‰ New Features

  • Rabbit Hunting! After a hand is finished, a player can choose to peek at the face down community cards, just to see how they might have done.
    • Rabbit hunting can be enabled in game configuration. Disabled by default.
    • Optional setting that will make the rabbit hunter's hole cards visible to all (a price to pay for rabbit hunting!). Disabled by default.
  • New setting that will show teased hole cards and rabbit hunting community cards in history. Disabled by default.
  • Save and load game presets!

๐Ÿซถ Quality of life improvements

  • See game summary for deleted games, or games created using older versions
  • If a player loses connection, the table will show that player as 'Offline'
  • A simpler chip change UI. When you run out of chips of a particular denomination, a button will show up to convert some chips into that denomination
  • A better organized game settings page, with a cleaner view of the settings at a glance


March 5, 2024

๐ŸŽ‰ New Features

  • Support for Pot Limit Betting
  • Card teasing is finally here! Have fun with revealing your hole cards at the end of hand

๐Ÿซถ Quality of life UI/UX improvements

  • Pot total now shows breakup by sidepot
  • Chips only mode: Simpler pot settlement UI


February 27, 2024

  • Game logs show the winning hand descriptions
  • Fixed: Players ejected from the room were still showing on table
  • Fixed: Betting buttons were getting hidden in free style chips


February 25, 2024

  • Option to see bets/pot as BB multiple
  • Fixed a bug in network re-connection after device comes back from sleep


February 21, 2024

  • Browser version is now available! Click to launch the web based version!
  • Customizable raise presets
  • Minor bug fixes


January 2, 2024

  • Support for decimal denominations (2 decimal digits) for amounts in virtual poker
  • Fixed Create and Cancel buttons getting hidden in game settings page in some scenarios


December 14, 2023

  • Stats charts are fixed, they were rendering incorrect graphs in a number of scenarios
  • Better card open durations when players go all in
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes in screen layouts across the app
  • Hand history bug fixes to show hand strength for all players who did not fold
  • Deck theme and Screen layouts are persisted
  • Minor bug fixes


November 16, 2023

  • Fixed some bugs with chip denomination selection in chips only mode
  • Minor bug fixes


October 16, 2023

HOTFIX for v6.0.0

Fixed a bug that was causing the game to not start in certain configurations


October 12, 2023

โณ More love for structured blinds

  • Cleaner UX to create structured blinds
  • Blinds structures can increase based on time, or number of hands
  • Bug fixes to prevent incorrect blind levels because of an unexpected game server crash

๐Ÿ”ด Ante support

Also known as 'boot' in some games, ante is a fixed bet that every player has to put in at the beginning of the hand to participate in the hand

๐Ÿ”ฎ Play preemptive turns

Now you can pre-play a turn when you are waiting for your turn to bet. These will show as dotted border action buttons. Options are -

  • Check / Fold
  • Check
  • Call [x]
  • Call any

โ†ฉ๏ธ Undo support! (in chips only mode)

Admin can undo upto 10 previous turns. This is useful to fix any incorrect betting, by mistake or otherwise. It can also be used to fix incorrect settlements!

๐Ÿซถ Quality of life improvements

  • Sit out and leave table work during a paused game
  • Faster game load time
  • Better stability in poor network, or when devices are going to sleep
  • Improved stability of very long games (1000+ hands)


August 4, 2023

๐Ÿ“ˆ Stack and Win/Loss Visualizations

Tapping any player on the table will bring up a menu. Select Statistics to see cool new interactive charts!

  • Pinch and drag to zoom and pan
  • Long press to select a particular hand and see hand summary

๐Ÿ’ธ Self loading wallets

This is a new option that you can enable during game configuration. This will automatically credit players with chips when they try to buy-in.

In other words, even if the player's wallet has insufficient chips, they will be able to buy-in with any amount - their wallet will be filled automatically.

This is to reduce admin's work. Admin does not have to worry about chip distribution in trusted groups.

๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿซ Hand rank assistance (during hand)

Tap on your player icon / cards to see what is the currently made best hand.

๐Ÿซถ Quality of life improvements

  • Improved UI for the hand history
  • Added an edit game config button on the game code page
  • Added blinds info to the game page title
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing re-buy-ins with 10 players


July 19, 2023

เคธเคฎเคฏ, ูˆู‚ุช, Tempo, ะฒั€ะตะผั, Zeit

Time is ever moving forward
But sometimes games need a breather
The admin can now pause time
Hope time was well spent making this feature


July 9, 2023

This release brings a major change in how chips are distributed. This is an attempt to simplify the flow from joining a game to buy-in

    Till the previous version
  • A player joined the game room using a code
  • Then to obtain chips they had to buy chips
  • The admin had to approve this request
  • The chips were credited to the player's wallet
  • Finally the player could proceed to buy-in

๐Ÿ‘ฎ Now, only Admin can give (and take back!) chips

For a non-admin player joining the game, the flow will look like this

  • A player joins the game room using a code
  • The admin will credit chips to the player's wallet
  • The player can now buy-in

This means the admin has to do a bit more work. But it can be reduced by using the auto-credit chips setting in the game config

๐Ÿ’ฐ Improved auto-credit behaviour

At the time of approving a join request, the admin will now also get an option to disable the auto-credit for that particular player

๐Ÿซถ Quality of life UI/UX improvements

  • Improved Hand Guide
  • Fixed Chat Page layout bug that was causing the chat input to get hidden by keyboard
  • Cleaner layout for the table summary in the room
  • Tapping on chat log in the game screen will now open up the dedicated chat page


June 25, 2023

This release has focussed on personalization. This is a start in the gradual work towards offering a very customizable app that can work for your own personal playing preferences. The key updates are -

๐ŸŽ›๏ธ Customizable Screen Layouts

Each player can choose the layout that they best like. Special mention to the new layout with big hole cards, specially designed for playing in person. You can leave your phone on the table without worrying about exposing cards

๐ŸŽจ Deck themes

4 color deck is finally here. This is also a player level setting and each player can set whichever color scheme they like the best

๐Ÿซถ Quality of life UI/UX improvements

  • A unified menu on the game screen which cleanly shows all options available to users
  • Better access to table actions, Cleaner table card on the game room
  • A unified menu on the game screen which cleanly shows all options available to users
  • Improved messaging when initializing a game and waiting for connection to a game server
  • You can review your answers at the end of the 'Test your Poker Skills' mini game


May 04, 2023

    What's new
  • Fixed: more than two players were not able to join a free style table
  • Fixed: chat widget was not working properly
  • Fixed: game config changes were not working
    5.0.0 was a major release with the following updates
  • Long awaited backend update. This will bring better stability and lower error rates to all kinds of games, especially with tables with more than 5 players.
  • Support for all latest versions of Android
  • New feature: Blind timers!