Android APK Releases - Chips of Fury

Last updated: May 04, 2023

You can directly download the Android APK if you do not have access to Google Play Store on your device. Some important notes:

  • You will need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.

    Android will most likely prompt you for that.
  • You will not receive automatic updates.

  • This section is not actively updated. Please check the Google Play Store for the latest version. If you do not find the latest version here as an APK, please contact us at and we will try to make it available.


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Released on May 04, 2023

    What's new
  • Fixed: more than two players were not able to join a free style table
  • Fixed: chat widget was not working properly
  • Fixed: game config changes were not working
    5.0.0 was a major release with the following updates
  • Long awaited backend update. This will bring better stability and lower error rates to all kinds of games, especially with tables with more than 5 players.
  • Support for all latest versions of Android
  • New feature: Blind timers!